Ericka Sparber

IMG_7723ws_Canada_Flag_1920x1200So my hips where in pretty bad shape due to excessive training in martial arts, snowboarding and trekking in mountains with heavy packs. At first i thought i just had a groin pull that didn't go away but soon learned I had an advanced stage of necropathy which is dead bone and osteoarthritis. My Canadian doctor bumped me ahead of a two year wait list as soon as they saw the Xrays and i had to make some decisions quickly as my quality of life deteriorated. I heard of Dr. Chiriboga through Elena Flores, another patient of his. She said she felt 80% better and since they don't offer any other treatments here in Canada besides a full hip replacement, I decided to explore this avenue first.

It was obvious Elena was very happy about Dr. Chiriboga but I still didn't know exactly what i was getting into. I had never been to Guayaquil Ecuador or really knew about stem cells. At first i was fearful since I going alone but Dr. Chiriboga dispersed those fears very quickly. He and his team offered to help in every aspect of the details of the trip, also Dr. Chiriboga was extremely patient answering all my questions while in Canada and once in Ecuador. All the nurses at his clinics are so attentive, patient and kind.

Obviously every patient is unique and in person we quickly came up with a game plan which was way over my highest expectations. IMG_7724For pre procedure i received intravenous Vitamin C and neural therapy to prepare the body for stem cells. I ended up getting a bone graft, stem cell and PRP at Omnihosptial, where one of his offices is and where he'll preform any procedures.  I was very amazed how thorough and kind everyone was. The hospital was clean with all the top of the line equipment. Dr. Chiriboga when doing the actual procedure and had two other amazing surgeons helping him.  Since i was alone, one of the surgeons actually drove me to my hotel to be sure i was okay!!!

So I would suggest that you take all his advice, as in my case even though i'm extremely healthy I have chronic inflammation. I went to go to his sister clinic in a neighbourhood near Omnihospital where another amazIMG_7725ing doctor on his team did a blood analysis and food intolerance tests. She spent hours discussing with me a plan to reduce inflammation and increase the function of my body. I modified my diet and I can't believe how much better I feel and there is a definite reduction of inflammation in my body and in my hips. Now that i'm back in Canada i'll be getting the heel lift he suggested as one of my legs is longer than the other and will effect the hips.. and also i'm continuing with my osteopath.

The hips themselves after the initial healing week, i was very suprised that pretty much immediately i could walk much farther than before. Usually if i walk or sit alot during the day the pain increases and the first few steps the next morning would be extremely painful. Theres 90% less pain!!!  But this is only the sixth week after the procedure and i'm still feeling that its healing inside. Meaning i have overall less pain but in my yoga practice i can feel that there is less mobility than before the procedure. This is changing daily and i can feel the flexibility increasing day by day. But i can walk for miles!! and I don't walk with as much of a gait.

Thank you Team Chiriboga!!!

Ericka Sparber

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